In honour of National Chip Week

Did you support last week’s “National Chip Week”? Printed Space staff certainly gave it a good go, with even the fitness fanatics amongst us surrendering to the Northern delicacy of Chips ‘n Gravy! (I wont name drop who added fish scraps to their order, but if you telephone our office she will most likely be the one who answers your call!!).

We decided to look back on the wallpaper and flooring installations we have done recently in the Chippy industry, and show you our favourites……

Petrou Bros, Cambridge

Famous for their fish and chips in Cambridgeshire, brothers Mark and Pete Petrou wanted something out of the ordinary in their latest restaurant. Their brief to Printed Space was to create an interior that would transport their customers to an iconic seaside resort, where people can create their own little islands of nostalgia, and escape from the crowds and traffic outside.

We used Floorink - our printable vinyl cushion flooring, and Crystal - our premium laminated wallpaper, to create a real environment for customers to relax in, and enjoy their meal.  The fishing boat wall mural portrays a traditional Norfolk fishing village, complete with small boats, nets, warehouses and a fish market. On closer inspection, Mark and Pete can be seen peeking out of one of the boat's portholes!

On the opposite wall - and sweeping down  and across the floor underfoot - is the beach. Our design team created a fusion of images you would  associate with a vibrant British seaside resort; a pier, seagulls, deckchairs, chips in newspaper, beach huts, a fairground.... the idea being that customers have lots to discover when stood in the queue.
As Floorink is fully customisable, it was the perfect choice for the shop's floor. Rather than having to settle for a standard pebble effect lino, we were able to seamlessly continue the wall mural design down from the printed wallpaper and print it across the floor, incorporating beach towels, flip flops, the odd beer can to add to the atmosphere, and little waves under the large windows that open out onto the street so you can feel the "sea breeze" whilst you're paddling!

Tarnbrook Chippy, Heysham

Our local customers in Lancashire may have spotted this mural we installed in a Heysham Fish and Chip shop. John Wild, new owner of Tarnbrook Chippy, loves the paintings produced by Lancaster artist Chas Jacobs. They really capture the local coastline and the bright colours are fantastic. He had seen a few similar murals around the Morecambe area so approached us to see if we could provide one that would be suitable for a kitchen environment, on a wipeable wallpaper finish.

We reproduced one of Chas Jacobs iconic images, printing onto a laminated vinyl that will withstand oil and food splashes, and that is durable enough when customers lean against it. The mural gives a beautiful backdrop to the shop and really makes it stand out from the local competition.

Pop in to have a look next time you are in the area - and remember to treat yourself to one of John's famous Cumberland sausages!!
The Fisherman's Wife, York
 York's new Fish and Chip shop was fitted with some lip smacking photographs printed onto our laminated wallpaper, to create these eye catching  displays in the windows to entice customers in. A fishing village landscape wall mural was installed on the main wall to set the scene and the floor was transformed with a printed sandy beach and surf. Here's Zoe from our design team who created the bespoke floor artwork, testing out the finished print before we installed it. The quality of the print makes the sand look very realistic and creates a lovely welcoming atmosphere for customers.

We are really looking forward to seeing what wonderful ideas the Fish and Chip shop industry come up with throughout the coming year to make their Chippy's stand out from the rest using our printed interior products. I quite fancy doing an underwater themed restaurant with the seabed printed on the floor with coral and starfish, and the walls printed with a scuba diver's 360 degree view under the ocean. Watch this space................

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