Street Map Style

Did any of you spot the Street Map wallpaper we printed for the BBC One series 'DIY SOS: The Big Build' to help transform the home of a family in Dartford. You can still watch it here for the next 5 days :


The son is Autistic, and the design team thought that this A-Z map of his local area would be a great feature in his room so he could visualize where his mum was when she was out at work by following the roads, and also he could see where his school, and other family members and friends lived.

We converted the standard A-Z map colours to a more subtle blue and pale green colour scheme to suit the interior decor more.

We then printed it onto our very durable Classic textured wallpaper, ideal for children's playrooms and bedrooms.

We can print your area of the UK using A-Z mapping, to fit any size wall. Map murals create a perfect feature wall for any room in your home, but street map wallpaper is also extremely popular for schools, offices, estate and letting agents for example. We can convert the colours to match your current decor too.

You can see more examples of our map wallpapers here :