Plane Paper Takes Off

We have quite a name for ourselves now in the print industry that if you have an unusual print request - then come to Printed Space and we will create something for you specifically to meet your requirements.

This was the case last year when we were approached by Jet2.com who needed a digitally printed wallpaper that satisfied the strict Aviation fire regulations.

We created Plane Paper - so now aircraft can be decorated with digitally printed wallpaper. Jet2.com decided to use it to brighten up the on board toilets and here is the result! The wallpaper has had a great response from passengers - if not giving them a little shock as they open the door!

The images depict scenes that are synonymous with great holidays, they look like photos you could be taking when Jet2 fly you to your destination - kids playing on the beach, surfers, skiers, underwater snorkeling shots - Jet2 are really conveying the fun you are going to be having when you step off their plane!

We have produced wallpaper now for their 737 and 757 aircrafts, so you will most likely see the artwork if flying with Jet2.com this year. Send us a photo of you stood in front of one of the murals to receive a free canvas using one of your own holiday snaps or a 15% discount on a printed roller blind or wallpaper for your home!


Doodle Wall - The Decorative White Board

We have just installed this "Doodle Wall" for our Sales team at Printed Space.

Fed up with boring white boards around the office we developed a wallpaper that can have any image printed onto it, but the surface can be written on with dry wipe marker pens and easily wiped off.

This gives our wall space a very practical use but also provides a decorative feature in the office.

Doodle Wall is a great idea to have in your kitchen to replace the shopping lists on boring chalkboards, or in kids rooms - as if they need an excuse to draw on their walls!

Doodle Wall costs £80.00 per square metre (+vat), and can have any image, vector design or illustration printed onto it.