This week's big news is Printed Space's new, exclusive partnership with London Transport and the launch of two new products:
The London Underground Map for Walls and Floors, produced on all of our Wallpapers.
Also 'Doodle Walls' (draw on wipe off) and 'Magnetic'.
We're excited about The London Underground Map for Walls and Floors and our day one enquiries demonstrated to us what adaptable and inspiring products these are.We'll be posting customers' uses of The London Underground Map for Walls and Floors.
Be there! Be one of the first to have a giant Tube map in your home or office.
We're taking orders from today.

Dickies' Wall of Fame

In America, Dickies® workwear attained cult status in the early 1990s, when their ruggedly styled performance clothing started to attract the interest of teenage skateboarders. The trend spread to Europe, where the popularity of the brand among young people continues today.

Top music acts have also taken advantage of Dickies unique brand image: Justin Timberlake, Avril Lavigne, TLC, Limp Bizkit, Westlife and Madonna are just a few of the performers who have worn Dickies clothing on stage.

All Dickies products carry the distinctive Dickies logo, a graphic that has had enormous exposure over the years. Dickies garments have appeared in a large number of Hollywood movies including Herbie: Fully Loaded, Dukes of Hazzard and The Break-up starring Jennifer Aniston. But Dickies movie career goes back even further still, to the classic film From Here to Eternity, starring Frank Sinatra.

With a history like this you want to celebrate it and Dickies UK Ltd came up with the perfect way of sharing such an interesting story. A timeline graphic wall. Once the idea was agreed they cast around looking for a company who would deliver to their own uncompromising standards. That's when they Printed Space. Of course, we used our heavy duty wallpaper - what else? The timeline graphic which they provided had a detailed the history of the company and included several iconic images of the clothing they had produced over the decades. They wanted tough but pin-sharp and that's what we delivered.

Our crystal substrate was decided upon as the wallpaper was to decorate a corridor which was a heavy traffic area and therefore the paper needed a matt laminate to withstand any scratches or scrapes.

Our studio put the timeline together, it was a dream to work on and we were able to produce the whole thing within a week - bang on deadline.

The Brand Manager of Dickies was kind enough to email us and send a photograph saying, “Just wanted to thank you on a fantastic product and quick turn around, it looks great on the wall, a real wow factor!”


Jet 2 - New 757 fleet wallcovering.

The new pictures for Jet 2 fleet of 757 aircraft have been printed and fitted. So look out for them when next flying with Jet 2.

This new product is the worlds first specially designed wallcovering for the airline industry, created in Printed Space's R & D Department.

This is just one of the many new products about to be launched from our prolific R & D team.

So watch this space.