Deep in the Amazon

We recently completed this eye catching printed floor, installed at Rainforest Adventure Golf's Canopy Cafe in Dundrum, Dublin, Ireland.

The Architects and interior designers, John Duffy Design Group, created digital imagery of a rainforest floor complete with oversized insects, butterflies, tree frogs and snakes. This was then scaled to fit the floor space and printed onto Floorink, our commercial grade vinyl cushion flooring. The floor is incredibly vibrant and fun, with lots of different rainforest creatures for visitors to discover - even in the toilet cubicles.

Floorink was used in the Cafe and Retail areas and makes a huge impact on customers entering the facility prior to playing the course, as well as groups gathering to use the Cafe area afterwards.  Floorink was chosen as the client needed a product that was visually graphic and could be easily customised, however it had to withstand the high volume of foot traffic with visitors to the facility.

Floorink is the perfect flooring solution for heavily themed interiors like this one - the bespoke nature of our product means that any look can be achieved for a one off project.

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