Pre Pasted Easy Fit Wallpaper - Even I can do it!

We have just launched our new Easy Fit pre pasted wallpaper, and Sharon and I decided it wasn't right to tell you how simple it is to install unless we tried it ourselves!

We have never hung wallpaper before in our lives so everyone else in the office thought a photo wall mural probably wasnt the easiest installation to start off our decorating career - but we proved them wrong!

We picked a local Lake District scene (although we can print any image you want), sized it up to fit our photo studio wall, and then printed it onto standard widths of wallpaper rather than commercial widths as we were novices at hanging!

The paste on the back of the mural strips just needs activating with water which we did by immersing the whole strip into a trough of tepid water for 15 seconds. We then rolled the wallpaper out onto a paste table print side down to check all the back was sufficiently wet, and then folded the paper in half to "book" for 1 minute. Starting on the top left of the wall, we offerered the 1st strip up to the wall and smoothed out the wrinkles with a damp sponge. We did exactly the same with the consecutive strips with each strip overlapping the previous one by a couple of millimetres to match the photo up seamlessly. Granted we both got a bit wet - as did the floor, but the finished result was beautiful. Now we can confidently advise you on the installation process and reassure those of you put off from ordering a printed wall mural in the past because you thought they were too difficult to hang.

Our pre pasted wallpaper base is made by HP and printed in house here in North West England. Our murals can be shipped throughout the UK, Europe and the rest of the World. The wallcovering is PVC free and is printed using HP's Latex inks – ensuring you get a more environmentally friendly mural compared to one produced with solvent inks. It is also odor free making it safe for all rooms in the home and commercial interiors where the initial solvent smell would be an issue such as schools, restaurants, cafes and offices.

The ultra smooth finish and the latex base of the inks provide vivid colour graphics with high-definition detail. See our wall covering pages for more details : http://www.printedspace.com/walls_prepasted.aspx

When the time comes to redecorate, the wallpaper is so easy to remove that HP provide a warranty for clean removal making it ideal for exhibition graphics or rented properties. You can then package up the stripped wall covering and recycle it through HP's Planet Partners Recycling Program. See http://www.hp.com/recycle for full details.


PVC Free, Pre Pasted, Recyclable Wallpaper

We are now pleased to be able to offer our clients a more environmentally friendly print option when it comes to photo murals and printed wallpapers. Printed Space have invested in HP's water based Latex ink technology so now the majority of our wall coverings, photo roller blinds and large canvas art prints have stopped being manufactured with solvent based inks. Latex inks produce prints with the quality and durability of eco-solvent and low-solvent ink technologies but they're water based inks, so you get the application versatility, without the hassle associated with the environmental, health, and safety considerations of solvent-based inks.

The new printer has enabled us to print onto a PVC Free wallpaper so we can offer an odorless photographic wallpaper that meets GREENGUARD and AgBB criteria for schools, hospitals, restaurants, cafes, office environments and children's rooms. The wallcovering can be easily removed from the wall when finished with and HP will even collect it to be recycled!