Room with a View (a 360 view actually!)

A wallpaper concept that is becoming increasingly popular is the "360 degree view".

Here is an amazing example of one we installed this month. Our client's teenage son wanted a view of New York from his bed - so that's exactly what we gave him! We got in touch with a New York location scout who had imagery he had taken from the observation deck of the Empire State Building for the King Kong film. He created a multi shot panoramic, stitching a number of photos together to create a seamless 360 view, which we then cropped and manipulated to suit all 4 walls of the bedroom.

We made a matching motorised blackout roller blind for the window so his "view" was uninterrupted on that wall.

Look out for more 360 panoramic images to choose from in our new gallery launching very soon. We will have options that can be used across the floor and up and around your walls!

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