Magnetic Map Wallpaper

Here is a Magnetic Map wallpaper we produced for a London based Estate Agent Ellis & Co Willesden Green office last week.

First, our magnet receptive liner was applied to a board raised off the wall, then the tailor made wallpaper was adhered on top of the liner. The estate agent can now position small house shaped magnets where he has properties for sale or rent.

To create the wallpaper we used an A-Z map and then our artwork department converted it to match the agents brand colours. This was then printed onto our durable Smooth wall covering that has a slight satin sheen to it, this enhances the colours of the map.

Our magnet receptive liner can be used with any of our bespoke wallpapers, so any image can be applied on top of it. We can create printed magnets also. Another top seller for Magnetic Walls is a world map or British Isles map both for homes, offices and educational facilities. Customers can then apply magnets to their map on places such as famous landmarks, places they have visited, where family members live, historical locations etc.

Prices for Magnetic Walls start at £70.00 per square metre + vat.
Prices for Magnetic Liner only when sold separately £35.00 + vat

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