Travel the World with Printed Space

Our World Map mural was used recently in this inspiring photoshoot for Ideal Home. Printed Space was featured in their Travel the World article, for which the wallpaper created an impressive backdrop.
There is something about looking at a world map that I find addictive. We are surrounded with them here at Printed Space, in the form of wall murals, canvas prints and printed flooring - either on screen having artwork tweaks; on our printers; spread across the quality control room or being packaged up for shipping to customers around the world - so its a good job we admire the maps so much! We have been producing the world map wallpaper and other map products for over 5 years now, and I never tire of perusing the countries and oceans, often slipping into a daydream of future travels :)

Our World Map printed wallpapers are available in different styles and colours. The map featured here is our Executive World Map (copyright Maps International) and is available to buy online here
All our maps can be produced to fit any size wall, floor or window space, alternatively, set sizes are available to buy from our website.

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Stylist : Sarita Sharma
Photographer : Dominic Blackmore

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