Millennium Bridge London

Client Mastercard

Location Millenium Bridge, London

Concept Mastercard used PR agency Weber Shandwick to come up with a promotion to launch their new Paypass payment system. It was decided to cover the Millennium bridge in money, and surrounding pavements with individual coins. We were approached to design a product that could be easily installed and then removed later the same day, that would be slip resistant, come in 4m widths to suit the width of the bridge without joins and for the finish to be of photographic quality. The first Digital Flooring was created. The promotion went on to be nominated for and win a number of awards.
Pictures of the bridge were seen around the world on various news websites, TV news and was featured in many newspapers including The Guardian, The Telegraph and The Independent.
The print was created from scans of several boards with notes and coins glued to them. Around £1,200 worth of notes and coins were used to create the boards – the money was not reusable, so had to be framed up as pieces of art!

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